One thing to understand is that dogs generally will not sit down and stare at the TV screen as humans do. Your first inclination may be to turn on the channel, sit and watch your dog, and wait for your dog to settle down and watch also. However, this will likely not happen for several reasons.

#1 - All Dogs Watch TV Differently 

Some react more to the visual stimulation while others will just lie down and feel calmed by the relaxing music. Either of those methods is great and there is no need to sit and wait for something to happen - because it's already happening. Great!

#2 - Other Distractions

When you are there with your dog, he will always be more interested in you than the TV screen. Dogs are socials animals and need company; therefore when you are there, you are probably the only thing that matters to your pup!

#3 - No Couch Potatoes!

We are not expecting our dogs to become couch potatoes and binge watch DOGTV!  This is not the idea. Rather, DOGTV is great for background sounds and visuals, and for the dog to feel a presence when home alone. And since DOGTV is designed to cater to your dogs' senses, the channel is most effective when dogs are home alone. However, some of our users also incorporate DOGTV in their morning routines while getting ready for the day, while cleaning the house or while studying.